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  1. Please respond,1st sorry for your loss,i’ve lost my dear friends aged 15yrs.,great lives and I knew when to let go. Like Cricket,mine,Blessing,has cognitive issues.So when.Right now issues,difficult walking,falls often,startles,sleeps close to comatose,no control of bowel nor bladder.She paves,gobbles food as if last meal,says anything she thinks is food,just began to lick her own urine.Please help,she must be over 14yrs.,she was a stray,I rescuded her.I just don’t know at what point to let her go.We are elderly & disabled,have to wash everyday,clean after her more than a dozen times a day.Don’t want her to break her back when she goes outside to potty,falls up or down stairs about once a day.Watching her disappear before my eyes is painful.At times she’s like a puppy,anxiou to go to pet store.Thanks

    1. Dear TT Black,

      I’m so sorry this is happening to Blessing. I know what you mean about watching the dog disappear. I don’t know if you found my other site, but there are some resources on this page about making the hard decision: http://dogdementia.com/euthanasia/. I especially recommend the Villalobos Quality of Life scale. It can help you consider many different things. I’m sorry I can’t be more help, but please know my heart goes out to you and I wish for peace in your heart and for Blessing.

  2. What a thoughtful and well laid out blog. I am always able to find things quickly and refer back them when I need to. I’ve had your page marked since our new boy became part of our family and even have been refereed to your page by others since then. Thank you for making is so easy to navigate your page and give so much to all of us.

    1. Kimberlie, how kind of you to say so! No one ever comments on the site map! I’m glad to have made it and I try to work on it to keep improving it. So glad you find the blog useful. Thanks for your kind words.

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