Life Lessons For My Puppy

Seaworthy's Won Direction "Zip"
Seaworthy’s Won Direction “Zip”

A series of six blog posts and videos with Marge Rogers and her Portuguese Water Dog puppy, Zip. Now compiled as an iBook and PDF. The iBook has the videos embedded so they can be played offline. The PDF links to the videos on YouTube.

Get the PDF. 


Here are links to the original posts on the blog. 

  1. The First Thing To Teach Your Puppy
  2. The Second Thing To Teach Your Puppy
  3. Impulse Control. Impulse Control. Impulse Control. (Puppy Lesson Three)
  4. Puppies Need an Off Switch! (Puppy Lesson Four)
  5. Meeting the World (Puppy Lesson Five)
  6. I Will Teach You What I Want You To Know (Puppy Lesson Six)


27 thoughts on “Life Lessons For My Puppy

  1. Awesome post! I hope to have a new puppy within the next year (researching breeders now). I have Leslie McDevitt’s CU puppy book, and I’ve bookmarked your post for future reference also. Thank you!

    1. That’s great, Kelly. By the way both Marge and I are big fans of Leslie’s books, and Marge has consulted with her before. Annnnd we are working on putting out those blog posts in an ebook. So do check back!

      1. Hi Eileen – I am waiting for my new puppy to be able to come home and looking around for advice on introducing the puppy to my current 7yo dog. (It’s been a looooooong time since I’ve had a puppy!) I remembered seeing this post so I came back for another look and now I really can’t wait! Good tip to re-read Control Unleashed again – or is there one specifically for puppies? Thanks again for all your lovely posts and insights.

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