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Replacing a Poisoned Cue

Originally published in December 2012; expanded and revised for 2019. The video in this post was featured at Tate Behavioral’s ABA Conference in October 2019 by Dr. Megan Miller. A poisoned cue is a cue that is associated with both … Continue reading

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My Dogs Don’t Know Sit!

What if your dog’s cue for a behavior is not what you think it is? Can you be sure—absolutely sure—that the dog really understands what you want? That’s another place where punishment-based training can really go awry. How often are … Continue reading

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Release Me!

Hey! It turns out I have some bragging rights I haven’t collected on. So here goes. Back in Spring 2013, I wrote two posts about practical issues with multiple dogs that were both quite popular. A Secret for Training Two Dogs delineated a trick I learned … Continue reading

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I Will Teach You What I Want You To Know: Puppy Lesson Six

You are not born with the skills to be successful in my world. It’s up to me to teach you.–Marge Rogers’ pledge to her puppy, Zip In case you hadn’t noticed, all these “puppy lessons” are lessons for the trainer … Continue reading

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