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Corrections Are Punishment (If They Work)

Correction is a term used in certain segments of the dog training world. It commonly applies to jerking the dog’s leash (also called a “leash correction). Sometimes “correction” refers to other physical things people might do to a dog. Trainers … Continue reading

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Speeding Tickets: Negative or Positive Punishment?

Speeding tickets are commonly used as an example in learning theory textbooks. But I’m going to disagree with the typical classification because of my own experience. Here’s a true story. When I was about 20, I was driving in my … Continue reading

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Positive Punishment: 3 Ways You Might Use It By Accident

Positive reinforcement-based trainers never use positive punishment, right? At least we certainly try not to. But it can sneak into our training all the same. Punishment, in learning theory, means that a behavior decreases after the addition or removal of … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk about Using Aversives in Training. I’ll Go First!

Today’s post is about how people often justify the use of aversives. I’m going to use my own experience as an example. I am going to present a description of an aversive method I used to use. I am going to list many … Continue reading

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