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My Dog Refuses Food Away From Home!

Don’t panic. This is a common problem and it often has a pretty clear path to a solution. Most important: if your dog sometimes refuses food, you can still use positive reinforcement based training. It is not a dealbreaker! I … Continue reading

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Using Annoying or Scary Sounds for Dog Training

Let’s pretend you saw an ad for a new dog training product. It read something like this: Introducing the Noise-Aided Obedience Device (NOD)! Never have trouble with your dog again. When you jerk or flap the lead attached to your … Continue reading

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Go Sniff! Then Please Come Back!

Please share this post whenever you see someone suggest to an inexperienced trainer that she use sniffing as a reinforcer on walks. Hey. You know that thing that seems like the perfect solution to problems with your dog when walking on … Continue reading

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I Will Teach You What I Want You To Know: Puppy Lesson Six

You are not born with the skills to be successful in my world. It’s up to me to teach you.–Marge Rogers’ pledge to her puppy, Zip In case you hadn’t noticed, all these “puppy lessons” are lessons for the trainer … Continue reading

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When is it OK for Your Dog to Pull on Leash?

Is there actually a situation in which it’s OK for your dog to pull on leash? Oh, yes. For fearful and reactive dogs there are at least two! One is when you are practicing desensitization/counterconditioning with your dog in public and can’t ask her … Continue reading

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