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What Dog Training Really Taught Me

Have you ever had an epiphany? Wherein all of a sudden some information you had been turning over and over in your mind fell into place and created an entire new picture? It has happened to me a handful of … Continue reading

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Can We Determine Whether Training with Food Is Positive or Negative Reinforcement?

Yes we can. This question was pretty well answered in the 1950s. Note: You need a basic understanding of the processes (often called quadrants) of operant learning for the discussion in this post to be meaningful. You can read my … Continue reading

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We Don’t Need to Stop Discussing “The Quadrants”

Every so often, in the midst of a discussion about operant learning,  someone will write, The quadrants* don’t matter. Talking about the quadrants just confuses people and makes them pay more attention to theory than what is going on in … Continue reading

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Operant Learning Illustrated by Examples

Many thanks to Ruth Byrn, Marge Rogers, and Susan Friedman for their generous assistance with the movie. In the terminology of behavior science, positive does not always mean good. Actually it never means good. Likewise, negative does not mean bad. … Continue reading

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