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1:1 Pairings: The Science Behind Clicking and Treating

A guest post by Eduardo Fernandez,  first published in 2001 in the now out-of-print American Animal Trainer Magazine as “Click or Treat: A Trick or Two in the Zoo.” A recent discussion on an Association of Zoos and Aquariums listserv, … Continue reading

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Spray With Caution!

When Kate LaSala told me about her dog’s experience with spray cheese, I knew I needed to share it. I mention spray cheese a lot, as a high value and easy-to-use food reinforcer for my dogs.  So it’s only right … Continue reading

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Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever? But We Live in NJ!

Guest post by Kate LaSala, CTC It’s the start of tick season here in the Northeast and I’ve been reflecting on last year’s tick season and how we almost lost our sweet BooBoo. So in the interest of raising awareness … Continue reading

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How I Work With Deaf Dogs (Guest Post by Blanche Axton)

Blanche Axton describes her common-sense approach to training deaf dogs and why she doesn’t use vibration collars. I grew up with deaf dogs and have fostered many. While I haven’t always had a deaf dog in my home, I’ve had quite … Continue reading

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