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Does Ignoring Bad Behavior Really Work?

Not usually and not by itself. And contrary to popular belief, “ignoring” behavior doesn’t play a huge part in positive reinforcement-based training. There is a lot of confusion about ignoring, so I’m going to have a go at clarifying a … Continue reading

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Summer Learns An Alternative to Being the Fun Police

I have mentioned before that my dog Summer is reactive. Reactive has come to refer to a dog who reacts strongly (and inappropriately in the human’s view), usually with an aggressive display, to some specific triggers. Some of Summer’s triggers are … Continue reading

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We Don’t Need to Stop Discussing “The Quadrants”

Every so often, in the midst of a discussion about operant learning,  someone will write, The quadrants* don’t matter. Talking about the quadrants just confuses people and makes them pay more attention to theory than what is going on in … Continue reading

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Shaping and Stress

This is an expansion of a post about a possible cause of stress in shaping that I sent to the Training Levels Yahoo group. Shaping involves extinction. That is, ceasing to reward something that has been repeatedly rewarded. In the … Continue reading

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