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The Stages of Crossover

When I crossed over to training with positive reinforcement, I had no idea how much my behavior and even my belief system would need to change. I had to question my faith in some long-held cultural assumptions and learn to … Continue reading

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Oops! I Trained the Better Than Perfect Recall!

What if your dog’s recall is so good that she comes before you call her? The little movie featured in this post shows the myriad ways a smart dog can mess up your plans. The Original Goal: Film That Recall! … Continue reading

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The “Invention” of Cues in Training

Once upon a time, there was a girl who decided to teach her dog some tricks. She figured out that if she gave her dog something he liked after he did something she liked, he was liable to do the … Continue reading

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Doesn’t Intermittent Reinforcement Create a Stronger Behavior?

This article was first published by Clean Run – The Magazine for Dog Agility Enthusiasts, in August 2017. I changed the title after publication in this version. Please see the note about that at the end of the article.   … Continue reading

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Herrnstein’s Matching Law and Reinforcement Schedules

  Have you heard trainers talking about the matching law? This post covers a bit of its history and the nuts and bolts of what it is about. I am providing this rather technical article because I want something to link to … Continue reading

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Finding the Joy in Agility

What do you see in this professional photo of Summer on an agility A-frame in a competition? She’s so pretty in that photo, and running nicely, but you know what? She wasn’t happy. Here are a couple more photos from … Continue reading

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If My Criticism of Someone’s Comment on Facebook Is Punishment, Why Won’t She Shut Up?

What behavioral processes may be happening when we argue? They may not be what we think.* Let’s dive straight into an example. Sadie has just commented online in a dog training group, expressing an opinion I find to be dangerous and … Continue reading

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It’s Not Painful. It’s Not Scary. It Just Gets the Dog’s Attention!

This is the short version of this post. Here is the longer version. Some dog trainers who use tools such as shock, prong, or choke collars, or startle the dog with thrown objects or loud noises, claim that these things are … Continue reading

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Socially Mediated Negative Reinforcement

I’ve updated one of my earlier posts to reflect better terminology and rewritten it quite a bit. Check it out, and feel free to share! Automatic vs. Socially Mediated Negative Reinforcement   Copyright 2017 Eileen Anderson

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Are You SURE Your Dog Prefers That Food Toy?

It just occurred to me that it is super easy to make assumptions about how much our dogs prefer a particular food toy, or even whether they really enjoy them that much. Don’t yell at me. To be clear: I use … Continue reading

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