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Stimulus Control, Or Why Are There Seven Shoes on the Table?

This is an update of a post published on December 16, 2013. I’ve mentioned before that I’m not very good at stimulus control. I’ve included in this post a great video from when Clara was younger that demonstrates that embarrassingly … Continue reading

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The “Invention” of Cues in Training

Once upon a time, there was a girl who decided to teach her dog some tricks. She figured out that if she gave her dog something he liked after he did something she liked, he was liable to do the … Continue reading

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Herrnstein’s Matching Law and Reinforcement Schedules

  Have you heard trainers talking about the matching law? This post covers a bit of its history and the nuts and bolts of what it is about. I am providing this rather technical article because I want something to link to … Continue reading

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It’s Not Painful. It’s Not Scary. It Just Gets the Dog’s Attention!

This is the short version of this post. Here is the longer version. Some dog trainers who use tools such as shock, prong, or choke collars, or startle the dog with thrown objects or loud noises, claim that these things are … Continue reading

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Tricks for Frozen Dog Treats

I am all about efficiency. You could also say I’m lazy. Also, my freezer is usually stuffed full. So rather than freeze whole filled food toys for three dogs, I use several gadgets that let me freeze things separately. Then I … Continue reading

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What is Summer Saying? Observing a Bark

When I filmed Summer barking using the slow motion function of my video camera, I was mostly curious in an analytical sort of way. What could I see when I slowed everything down? I didn’t realize that I would find the … Continue reading

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Fooled by the Foobler? A Review

If you have a small dog with little experience with food toys and who is not prone to chewing hard plastic, the new toy called the Foobler might be the very thing for him. If you have a larger dog, … Continue reading

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How My Dogs Play

Here’s an “Almost Wordless Wednesday” for you. Just a short movie showing Clara and Zani playing. Even wholesome dog playing can be scary to people who aren’t familiar with it. Dogs growl, snarl, and mouth each other so fast and … Continue reading

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“Testing Through” the Levels

The whole post in three words: Don’t do it. Start at the beginning. I’ve mentioned before that I use Sue Ailsby’s Training Levels as a guide for training my dogs. The Levels comprise an organized method for teaching your dog. The … Continue reading

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I’d Like to Thank the Academy

I got wonderful news earlier this week: I was nominated for and won an award from The Academy for Dog Trainers. The Academy has yearly awards that are mostly in-house, but this year they decided to include a category for work … Continue reading

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