Peanut Butter Dog Treats With No Sticking! Another Silicone Pan Recipe

Pyramid style silicone pan with baked peanut butter dog treats
Sorry I’m not filling my pans as neatly as I did before! That part got old.

I posted in January about making hundreds of small treats at a time in a silicone pan. I had no idea how lucky I was that I hit on a recipe that worked so well the first time. You can check out that chicken-based recipe and some details about the pan in this post. It seems that you need to have enough binding ingredients in these recipes or things get…sticky.

Ever since then I have been trying on and off to develop a recipe for peanut butter dog treats for the silicone pan. So far they have all stuck a bit. On one of them I actually had to push the treats out individually (500+ of them) which pretty much defeated the purpose of using the pan. I meant using the pan is fun, but the original idea was to save time by avoiding cutting things up.

Several people suggested using peanut butter powder instead of regular peanut butter to un-sticky the recipe. That worked great on the first try. It’s generally lower fat than the recipes with real peanut butter, too.

ceramic dish of small peanut butter dog treats
This is about a half of a pan’s worth, i.e., a quarter of the recipe

Non-Sticking Silicone Pan Peanut Butter Dog Treats

2 eggs, beaten
2 Tablespoons oil (I used canola)
1/2 cup peanut butter powder (I used “PBfit” brand. Its ingredients are peanuts, coconut palm sugar, and salt.) DO NOT USE ANY PRODUCT WITH THE SWEETENER XYLITOL. IT IS TOXIC TO DOGS.
1/2 cup white flour
1/2 cup tapioca flour
1/2 cup water

Mix well. You want it smooth. Put about half the batter in the middle of the pan and spread it outwards. It takes less batter than you think. I don’t bother to fill every single hole in the pan anymore, i.e., not the outer rows, because of the time it takes. My apologies to the compulsive types! I do like the look of a neatly filled pan, but the time isn’t worth it to me. But feel free!

Bake at 350 degrees F for 12 minutes, or until the individual treats are still soft but starting to draw away from the sides of the pan.

Let cool a little and stretch the pan in both directions to loosen the treats.  I show the stretching in the video. Dump them out. Peanut butter dog treats!

And like the treats made with the chicken recipe I posted previously, these work perfectly in the Manners Minder/Treat and Train using the insert with the 3/4″ holes.

Continued Experimentation

I am honored to be writing to an international audience here, and I promise I am not deliberately trying to use obscure ingredients. The peanut butter powder is available and not too expensive here in the U.S., but I’ve been told that is not the case elsewhere. So I’ll keep trying to get another peanut-based recipe that dumps out of the pan nicely. I am starting to suspect that the problem isn’t the peanut butter anyway. I think it’s the canned pumpkin (which itself is hard to get in many places).

The only one of these weird ingredients I’m attached to is the tapioca flour. It makes the difference between crumbles in your pocket and nice discrete little treats.

If anybody has a tried-and-true recipe for fish-based treats that pop out of the mold well, feel free to post it in the comments. I’ve got a friend looking for that, and my first version was a little difficult to work with.

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16 thoughts on “Peanut Butter Dog Treats With No Sticking! Another Silicone Pan Recipe

  1. Canned salmon (the only fussy I’ve used though others may work) 1 egg, half cup of flower, bake in the same type of silicone pan.

  2. Make sure the peanut butter has no Zylitol in it (a sweetener). It is toxic and fatal to dogs.

  3. Not related to treats, but the first link under Related Posts doesn’t work. I may be inspired to make treats, though, especially if I don’t have to handle meat.

  4. If you bake the treats and they seem to not want to just fall out of the mold, I’ve found you can (carefully, using potholders) just flip the whole tray of stuck treats over and bake them “pointy side up” for about 10 more minutes. Then they just fall right out of the mold.

    1. Great trick! Thanks for sharing. That makes sense to me because the ones I have had a hard time getting out were underdone and still a little gooey in the very point of the pyramid.

  5. You are so nice, Eileen, to share all these recipes with us! I just saw peanut butter powder the other day at Costco and wondered what someone would use it for other than some sort of extreme backpacking or I guess survivalist food pantry stocking. Now I know and I might very well buy some later today!

  6. Thanks for sharing. Do you have to store them in the refrigerator or can they be frozen? What would be the shelf life of the treats?

    1. The peanut butter ones I treat liked baked goods–OK for a couple of days at room temperature if need be, but I refrigerate unless I know I’m going to use them. They freeze just fine. The other recipes with meat I refrigerate or freeze immediately. Hope this helps.

  7. I just made these with your chicken recipe but with 10oz of canned fish. We used 4oz sardines and 6 oz salmon with all the juice. I omitted the white flour, comes out perfect consistency with just the tapioca, so:

    4oz sardines in water, 6oz salmon in water.
    2 eggs
    1 cup tapioca flour
    1 tablespoon coconut oil.

    Baked for 11 minutes. They are perfect!

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