My iBook is Out!

rememberme_rev2I am pleased to announce that the iBooks version of Remember Me? Loving and Caring for a Dog with Canine Cognitive Dysfunction is available today!

I mean, really pleased! I’m not sure if this was the hardest version to create, but at this point, I am certainly the tired-est. 

This version is for sale only through Apple (iTunes or iBooks) and is optimized for the iPad. It’s also viewable on an iPhone or on the iBooks computer app.

Get "Remember Me" iBook from Apple

My book is also available at other locations as a paperback, a Kindle e-book, and a PDF. See the bottom of the post for purchase links for those versions. 

Screenshot Gallery

Click on a thumbnail for a bigger version. 


Other Buying Options

Buy from Amazon      Buy from DogWise    Buy from Barnes and Noble

Buy from Google         Buy PDF (from me–goes directly to cart)       


Please share this post–I know those iPad people are out there!


Copyright Eileen Anderson 2016


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6 Responses to My iBook is Out!

  1. Green says:

    Eileen, I got your book in July and loved it! It is meticulously researched (as is everything you write), has all the current research, and is a wonderful guide for folks with senior dogs. Extremely readable and packed with tips and support, it is a valuable resource and addition to my dog library.

  2. NewDawnABC says:

    Can not wait to read! We are about to intro a senior dog class and I am sure your book will be packed with info.

  3. rheather says:

    I got the print version of your book months ago and so much good information! I’m sorry I didn’t write you then.
    My 2 oldest are in the hear/vision going category with arthritis messing with mobility too. Sigh.

    • Eileen Anderson says:

      Sorry you are in a hard time with two dogs. Thanks for letting me know the book is helpful. Hugs.

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