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If You’re Loving It, Why Leave?

Is “choice” a code word for negative reinforcement? It can be. Seems like that’s the context where I see it pop up the most.  I’ve written a lot about choice. Two of my major points are: Many people are confused … Continue reading

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My iBook is Out!

I am pleased to announce that the iBooks version of Remember Me? Loving and Caring for a Dog with Canine Cognitive Dysfunction is available today! I mean, really pleased! I’m not sure if this was the hardest version to create, … Continue reading

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My Dog Refuses Food Away From Home!

Don’t panic. This is a common problem and it often has a pretty clear path to a solution. Most important: if your dog sometimes refuses food, you can still use positive reinforcement based training. It is not a dealbreaker! I … Continue reading

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