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Natural vs. Contrived Negative Reinforcement

I have updated this post. Please see the new version: Automatic vs. Socially Mediated Negative Reinforcement Eileen Anderson, 10/21/17 I read the following online the other day: People shouldn’t object to the use of negative reinforcement! It’s just stuff like washing … Continue reading

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The Gravity Game

Clara has always loved playing ball. She enjoys chewing balls up and chasing them in equal measure. When she was a pup and adolescent it was a joy to watch her shape herself into quite an athlete, in her drive to chase down and … Continue reading

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It Was Coming Right At Me!

  I am so interested in how dogs perceive things, and how they notice differences that we don’t, or that we take for granted. Those differences can matter to them a great deal. An example of that was the focus of … Continue reading

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