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But I’ve Seen Stressed-Out Dogs During Positive Reinforcement Training Too!

Thank you to Jennifer Titus of CARE for Reactive Dogs for editorial advice. All errors and awkward moments are mine alone. Citing “stressed-out R+ dogs” in an argument is an old chestnut that comes around regularly. The writer usually describes a training session he or she witnessed where a … Continue reading

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Bootleg Reinforcement

Auf Deutsch! -Many thanks to Debbie Jacobs, Randi Rossman, and Dr. Susan Friedman for making suggestions about the movies. Any errors are, of course, my own. Did you know that there is interesting name for that thing that messes up our … Continue reading

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Release Me!

Hey! It turns out I have some bragging rights I haven’t collected on. So here goes. Back in Spring 2013, I wrote two posts about practical issues with multiple dogs that were both quite popular. A Secret for Training Two Dogs delineated a trick I learned … Continue reading

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