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How My Dogs Play

Here’s an “Almost Wordless Wednesday” for you. Just a short movie showing Clara and Zani playing. Even wholesome dog playing can be scary to people who aren’t familiar with it. Dogs growl, snarl, and mouth each other so fast and … Continue reading

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“Testing Through” the Levels

The whole post in three words: Don’t do it. Start at the beginning. I’ve mentioned before that I use Sue Ailsby’s Training Levels as a guide for training my dogs. The Levels comprise an organized method for teaching your dog. The … Continue reading

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I’d Like to Thank the Academy

I got wonderful news earlier this week: I was nominated for and won an award from The Academy for Dog Trainers. The Academy has yearly awards that are mostly in-house, but this year they decided to include a category for work … Continue reading

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What Dog Training Really Taught Me

Have you ever had an epiphany? Wherein all of a sudden some information you had been turning over and over in your mind fell into place and created an entire new picture? It has happened to me a handful of … Continue reading

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How to Make Extinction Not Stink

[In operant learning], extinction means withholding the consequences that reinforce a behavior.  –Paul Chance, Learning and Behavior, Fifth Edition, 2003 This post is Part 2 (a year later!) of But Isn’t it Punishment to Withhold the Treat? In that post I … Continue reading

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The Secret to Filling a Food Tube

A food tube (aka squeeze tube) is a vehicle for delivering soft, tasty food straight into your dog’s mouth. Food tubes are great for general dog training when high value treats are needed.  They are also invaluable for doing desensitization/counterconditioning for … Continue reading

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