Rest in Peace, Dr. Sophia Yin

I cannot add anything to what has already been said so eloquently of the tragic, untimely passing of veterinary behaviorist Dr. Sophia Yin. In her honor I am posting two of her helpful handling videos and linking to Steve Dale’s tribute to her.

Dr. Sophia Yin’s Loss is Profound–Steve Dale

Low stress method to turn a dog on its side:

Link to the dog video for email subscribers.

Low stress handling of a feral cat:

Link to the cat video for email subscribers.



Dr. Yin, we will miss you and your brilliance. Many animals thank you for enriching their lives and helping them feel safe.


7 thoughts on “Rest in Peace, Dr. Sophia Yin

  1. Truly a great loss. Many people are unaware of one of Dr. Yin’s greatest contributions: her ongoing efforts to help animal care professionals, including veterinary technicians and groomers, learn ways of handling their charges that would produce the least physical and emotional stress. Thus contributing to greater safety for both person and animal, as well as better longterm outcomes.

    In her honour, I suggest we all review our own pets’ emergency training. Is your dog comfortable in both opaque and wire crates? Relaxed during ear and mouth exams? Used to wearing a muzzle or a neck cone? Practicing these skills ahead of time can greatly reduce stress if they are ever required during medical treatment.

    1. That is a wonderful idea, Robin. Thank you for that suggestion. I still have so many aspects of handling to work on.

  2. Very sad news indeed, and a big loss all the way around. She was so generous with her material and made it fun and user friendly. I love her information posters and I want to honour her memory by plastering them everywhere. Her message still needs to get out, kindness and compassion matter.

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