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Guess what, folks? If you wondered why I’m not posting much right now: I am giving a webinar through the Pet Professional Guild and have been working my butt off on that for several weeks. The webinar is Over Threshold: The Changing Definition. Click on the image below to sign up. (There is a charge: $10 for PPG members and $20 for non-members. There is one CEU available for CPDTs.)

The webinar will take place on Wednesday, February 19th, at 12:00 – 1:30 PM Central Standard Time (6:00 – 7:30 PM UTC).

<<Note: The live webinar has taken place, but is still available as a recording.>>

This will be very different from any other discussion about threshold you have ever participated in.

Be ready to find out:

  • Why there are so many different definitions of “threshold” floating around out there;
  • Why the use of the term in psychology and the use of the term in animal training don’t quite “fit”;
  • What effect this confusion has on training, and discussions about it;
  • Where desensitization/counterconditioning; negative reinforcement protocols such as are included in BAT* and  CAT**; and flooding fall with regard to these different definitions of threshold; and
  • What we can do to clear up our discourse.

Yes, those are the waters I am daring to jump into. Hope you can come!

Click on the image or the URL below.

Eileen and three dogs threshold2

Over Threshold: The Changing Definition (Still available as a recording.)

Coming up:

  • All-Natural
  • Which Dog is Playing?
  • Invisible Cues
  • How Skilled are You at Ignoring? (Extinction Part 2)
  • Is My Dog a Drama Queen?
  • More Training Errors: Cautionary Tales (I seem to have an abundance of these)

Eileenanddogs on YouTube

* Behavior Adjustment Training by Grisha Stewart

**Constructional Aggression Treatment by Kellie Snider

14 thoughts on “Threshold Webinar

  1. I can’t attend (will be at work), but will you have it available to purchase/ watch a recording at another time?

  2. Hi Eileen,

    I’m so excited that you are doing a webinar! The information you share on your blog is extremely useful. I saw you mentioned BAT. You probably know this already, but just in case, there is a new BAT version that Grisha Stewart came out with in January (BAT 2.0), which improves the threshold concept that was used in the original BAT to an even more humane level of minimal to no distress and no -R. A video on her website illustrates this pretty well. Good luck with the webinar!


    1. Hi capablecanines and Naomi, I know about the new version of BAT and am continuing to educate myself about it. Since original BAT has been codified, practiced, and discussed much longer, that will be my main focus. But I’ll briefly address BAT 2.0.

  3. eileen,
    i won’t be able to participate in the webinar, but i’m sure it will quite successful.
    i have missed your blog posts and can appreciate how much work it is putting the webinar together.
    just wanted to let you know that i often refer to your blog posts when i am looking for information on various things dog-related.
    and best luck with the webinar of course!

    1. I’m glad! It’s possible to get a pretty good time for the folks any two of: Europe, the Americas, and Australia/NZ/Japan. Can’t get all three at once though–sorry, folks down under! But the webinar will be available as a recording as well.

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