I’m So Glad I Had the Camera!

Something pleasant for a Monday morning: Eileenanddogs Funniest Home Videos!

Clara ball square

Here are three incredible and adorable moments that I am very grateful to have on film.

Zani Uses a Tool

I literally grabbed the camera and turned it on to take this clip, so the background and camera work are terrible. But just look what I got on film. This was not set up.

Link to the “Zani Uses a Tool” video for email subscribers. 

Clara Discovers Gravity

Clara has always been good at entertaining herself. This is the day she invented Gravity Game #2.

Link to the “Clara Discovers Gravity” video for email subscribers.

Niña Blisses Out

This is the night I discovered that my friend’s dear little chihuahua (RIP little Niña) would bliss out when I jiggled her back and forth in my hands.

Link to the “Niña Blisses Out” video for email subscribers.

If you haven’t checked out my Blooper Video from when I first started the blog, be sure and check it out!

I’m grateful to live in an age where it is so easy to take pictures and videos. 

Coming up:

  • Big Announcement!
  • Invisible Cues
  • How Skilled are You at Ignoring? (Extinction Part 2)
  • Oh No, I Broke my Dog!
  • More Training Errors: Cautionary Tales (I seem to have an abundance of these)

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14 thoughts on “I’m So Glad I Had the Camera!

  1. That manners minder remote video is awesome! So clever!

    Looking forward to cautionary tales of training errors…. I’m always accidentally rewarding Betsy for the wrong things :/

      1. I don’t think I have, although I have read through many of your posts. I definitely remember reading about stimulus control in one of your posts, which I found interesting. I’ll check ’em out, you have a lot of interesting insights that are very different from what we’ve learned in obedience class so far.

  2. What a pawesome picture!!!! Perfect moment indeed…Trev’s tennis ball is so tattered and torn too…but the more wear the more LOVE!!!! Gonna look for you on youtube too!!!!

  3. The clip of Zani had me laughing out loud. What a clever doggy. She’ll be tag teaching your other dogs before long.

  4. OMG, your Clara could be my Libby! Libby plays gravity games, too — she nudges the tennis ball off the dock into the water, then jumps in to get it.

    1. I bet that’s cute! Clara also really loves to put the ball where it’s hard to get and then get it out. (Including under the blankets on the bed, which bear some scars from the activity.) I am going to make her a toy out of a cardboard box with PVC some day….

  5. Love the video of Zani, you could see her light bulb moment, I guess my Taffy has her own version of the gravity game. She always drops her toys to their death down the stairs, but then looks to me to retrieve them. But that’s a Cavalier for you, they have staff 🙂

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