Boing! Capturing a Trick and Putting it on Cue

Zani catching some air
Zani catching some air

I’ve got antecedents and cues on the mind lately. So here’s a little video showing how I captured and started putting a cue onto a darling behavior of little Zani’s.

I can get her to do it with a prop or a hand target, but I want a verbal cue. So I am using the new cue/old cue method.

I love the first steps of putting on a cue. You identify all the environmental factors–setting, who’s there, props, your own movement–that go in to comprise the cue while the dog is first learning. Then you gradually peel them all away while assigning a single cue for the behavior. I think it’s so cool!

Link to the video for email subscribers.

Don’t worry, I won’t overdo this behavior. Zani came up with it on her own, but when you start reinforcing something, a dog may push herself too far to get that cookie or tug toy. So I’ll be sure to be the “Boing!” police.

Thanks for watching!

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