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6 Ways I Messed Up My Dog’s Targeting

Hand targeting is usually suggested as a great behavior for new clicker trainers since it is easy to get and easy to define criteria for. I guess I didn’t read the brochure carefully enough because I messed up hand targeting … Continue reading

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Shut Down Dogs, Part 1

I recently wrote a post about the phrase “calm submissive” as promulgated by Cesar Millan. I said that the phrase (actually Cesar) was misguided and confused. Not to mention wrong. For Cesar Millan, “calm submissive” means, “I can do stuff … Continue reading

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But I Want to Use All the Tools in the Tool Box!

Have you heard the one about the toolbox? This is the sixth in a series that details and rebuts fallacious arguments against force free training. Today’s erroneous argument is directly related to “But Every Dog is Different!” in that it … Continue reading

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Calm Submissive

According to the well known TV personality (I won’t call him a trainer) Cesar Millan, “calm submissive” is a very desirable state for your dog to be in. OK, I don’t even want to begin to address the word submissive. So … Continue reading

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What You Reinforce is What You Get

Bob Bailey said, “What you click is what you get.” There is a lot of wisdom in this simple remark. Among other things, it emphasizes to me that we don’t always realize exactly what we are marking and reinforcing, but … Continue reading

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Dogs Who Are Eating Can Still Be Stressed

People often say that a way to tell whether your dog is “over threshold” is whether she will eat or not. While this can be a strong indicator, it’s not true 100% of the time. First let’s go over what … Continue reading

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