Wordless Wednesday: Clara got Mail!

Watch as Clara deftly opens her package from GoughNuts.

We are not affiliated with the company and were not asked to feature their products. We’re just very happy customers: Clara because she loves the balls, and myself because they are the safest thing I’ve found so far for her to chew.

Tan dog lying on a bed, with her mouth open in a relaxed and happy expression. There is a black ball in front of her between her feet.
Clara loves her GoughNuts ball

Thanks for watching!

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8 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Clara got Mail!

  1. I also have a GoughNut product! My Opal will eat through anything, and so when I found out they had a lifetime warranty on their products, I went straight out and got one of their doughtnut shaped ones. Opal loves to play with hers and I’ve been meaning to get a ball one from them as well. Do you have more than one of their products?

    1. I first bought their red balls, then upgraded to the black. I love the guarantee. I just sent one back (after she had gotten way into the red part. I didn’t get it about the warning signal.) Clara loves perfectly spherical objects way more than anything else so we haven’t tried the other things. But I’m probably going to try the stick and doughnut arrangement. Summer might actually like that if Clara doesn’t.

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