High Speed Nosework

A tan dog and a smaller, black and rust dog play chase. The tan dog has a black ball in her mouth.
Clara’s got the Ball!

Just a little fun for the middle of the week. Clara can now find her ball anywhere in the yard in under a minute. I’m going to have to start burying it, or get a bigger yard. Or I know! I could clutter up my yard some more!

In this video, Zani is with her, and since Clara is running around in circular patterns, Zani takes it as a cue to play. She finally gets frustrated at Clara for not responding and starts fussing at her.

They have a good game of chase after Clara finds the ball.

7 thoughts on “High Speed Nosework

  1. That’s interesting, so she was going on the smell of the ball alone? No peanut butter or cheese etc? Is it just Clara that looks for the ball? Will Zani & Summer search for it as well?

    1. That’s right, she is searching for the odor of the ball itself. Neither of the other dogs is interested, although they all do scent work for food. Clara loves her ball so much that I started “hiding it in plain sight” before we played with it, then really hiding it, and before I knew it she could find it anywhere. She probably would have found it even faster if Zani hadn’t been chasing her around. You can see her zeroing in on the tree for a long time.

  2. That is really amazing Elieen. I hide treats for my girls and they can go by one half a dozen times before they clue in. Ah well…what they don’t make up in skill they do in cuteness ­čÖé

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