Dog Faming 2: Their Gifts to Us

Clara made a leap of faith when she was 10 weeks old

Feral Clara made a leap of faith: coming in my front door when she was 10 weeks old

Who knew that four photos and five short paragraphs would be my most popular blog post so far? I didn’t start Dog Faming but I hope I have done a little bit to promulgate it. I think its time has come!

I first read about Faming on Caninestein’s FaceBook page, which has a photo contest. They have a lovely theme for December: Our dogs’ greatest gifts to us. This is not a training brag or challenge. It is a way to express pure love and appreciation for our dogs.

I found this one harder to do than the previous one. It was so hard to choose, for each of my four dogs, just one thing. I am grateful to them for so much. And it’s more of a photographic challenge, too.  Can we portray their lovely qualities? Sometimes, but it was a lot harder for me than photographing a trick.

I hope to see some more of these out there. Here are my contributions.

Summer has been patient with me throughout my learning process

Summer, my crossover dog, has been patient with me throughout my learning process

Zani always looks for the fun in life

Zani always looks for the fun in life

Ah, little Cricket. I was tempted to just write, “Herself” on the sign. Just coming to be my doggie was such a gift. She has brought so much in such a small package.

Cricket is the most stalwart and courageous dog I know

Cricket is the most stalwart and courageous dog I know

Yes, even tough girls need a lot of sleep when they get older. And you try getting a good photo of an awake dog with dementia sometime…maybe I’ll publish the outtakes one of these days.

Thanks for reading! And go fame your dogs!  Caninestein is asking for more entries.

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11 Responses to Dog Faming 2: Their Gifts to Us

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  2. gubabbaboy says:

    Brought tears to my eyes…

  3. Carolyn (and Molly) says:

    What a lovely and timely thought Eileen. Due to the many recent changes in our lives, and the coming of Christmas, Molly has had to endure a chaotic and sometimes tense household for quite sometime now. Throughout it all, her patience and her generous nature have not diminished. I wish I could be as good an example of those qualities as my dog is.

  4. Marjorie says:

    Love this post! My dogs patiently put up with way more of my confusing and strange to them behaviour than any “bad” behaviour I ever get from them.

    • You’re echoing something somebody said to me once long ago after I had a very bad incident with Summer. I was trying to recover from my own post traumatic stress and come to terms with what had happened. My friend said, “We are human; they’re dogs. Think how many times WE disappoint THEM!” They do put up with so much from us with such grace.

  5. Sonya Bevan says:

    I like your style! Sharing.

  6. lorosuzo says:

    What can I say? Love beyond words <3

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