Awesome Dogs Shareables

Thanks, Yvette Van Veen, for Awesome Dogs Shareables on Facebook.

Here’s just one of the many awesome shareable meme graphics. Check out and follow the sharing guidelines below.

Stubbornly good


Graphics may be shared under the following conditions:

Sharing Rules: Please share, print and distribute these graphics as much as you like. By doing so you agree to the following terms:
1 – Images may not be altered.
2 – Copyright information must remain on the image.
3 – You do not sell the images or use them to create for profit materials. These are to be shared FREELY as educational material.
4 – You advise anyone who wants to share the images you have shared of the above rules.
5 – Copyright of the images remains with Awesome Dogs.
These are free, not for profit, educational or thoughtful messages. The use of these materials should be education.

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