Getting Ready for Fireworks and Scary Noises

Canada Day and U.S. Independence day are both coming up. I’ve updated my fireworks preparation page with some new tips on keeping dogs as safe and calm as possible. Check it out and make your preparations!

You can access the page below. Feel free to share!

6 Ways to Prepare your Dog for Fireworks

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6 Responses to Getting Ready for Fireworks and Scary Noises

  1. Chris from Boise says:

    Thank you for posting this again, Eileen. It’s a good reminder for all of us. We’re taking the pups camping for a few days, since our neighborhood loves fireworks so much the barrage goes on (unpredictably)for a couple of weeks.
    An interesting story about a new anti-anxiety drug in the NY Times today:

    • Eileen Anderson says:

      That’s great to get away. Thanks for the article about Sileo. I bet that’s going to be helpful for some dogs.

  2. Shona says:

    Hi Eileen! Well I have to say that for once I’m not concerned about the fireworks. Clyde is not totally deaf but is hard of hearing. Last weekend some people were shooting some fireworks off in the yard next to mine and Clyde didn’t even flinch. I guess this is the first time since his hearing problem and dementia problem that I can say Good!
    I am home from Costa Rica and living in my little cottage in Vermont with Clyde. His dementia has gotten quite a bit worse. He is constantly confused and walking in circles. But he still takes those long walks twice a day with me… each time he walks 2/3 of a mile! And some days we do 3 walks. He still loves the walking and still is eating although I now hand feed him as food sometimes falls out of his mouth. I did what you said in the book with mats on the floor that can easily be washed if he pees or poops on them. However, I am using those large bed pads for people who are incontinent. I weight them down with a few bath mats on top and he has a whole room in my living room to roam. I also bought 3 donut beds for him and like your Cricket he just plops right down into them!
    Clyde and I are on a journey together. It may end soon, but I will treasure each day we have together. I know if he could think clearer, he’d want it that way.
    Thanks Eileen!
    Shona and Clyde the Tibetan Terrier

    • Eileen Anderson says:

      Shona, how nice to see you over at this blog, and to get an update on Clyde! That sounds like a great setup you have, and I admit to enjoying thinking about Clyde plopping into a bed like Cricket did! That is great that he can still take such good walks with you too. I really love hearing about you and your dear boy. Keep me posted.

  3. Chris from Boise says:

    Another article – this one about “quiet fireworks”! Who knew? Not available in the US yet, but are being used in Europe and Britain:

    • Eileen Anderson says:

      Thanks for the link! We can only hope that someday this will be considered in the states. (Actually, I think I read that it is being considered in a couple of individual locales.) Hope it becomes a trend!

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