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Preventing Dog Reactivity with a Barrier

My back door opens onto an elevated wooden porch. There are ten steps down to the yard. The top of the steps provides a view into the neighbor’s yard, which can be a very interesting place. Clara runs there when … Continue reading

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Rescue Me! (Part 1)

If your dog wanted to jump into your lap or hide behind you when another dog was bugging her, would you let her do so? If you did, would you be reinforcing fear? Friends and Playmates My dogs Zani and … Continue reading

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Fear, Predation, and Resource Guarding

A couple of weeks ago I published a post: “Body Language Study: Fear and What Else?”. It featured the short video clip embedded below. (You can watch the video now if you didn’t already.) In the post I solicited comments about … Continue reading

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Webinar: Canine Cognitive Dysfunction

Has your dog been diagnosed with canine cognitive dysfunction?  Do you want tips about living with and caring for a frail or cognitively declining dog? Join me in my webinar on canine cognitive dysfunction and dog dementia through the Pet Professional Guild … Continue reading

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The Gravity Game

Clara has always loved playing ball. She enjoys chewing balls up and chasing them in equal measure. When she was a pup and adolescent it was a joy to watch her shape herself into quite an athlete, in her drive to chase down and … Continue reading

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Before You Share That “Cute” Dog and Baby Picture…

First things first. I didn’t write this with you in mind. Let’s not make this about your dog or your parental decisions. But there’s a problem with sharing that “cute” dog and baby picture. The problem is bigger than your individual situation, your … Continue reading

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Dog Interrupted: The Value of Reorientation

Recently I published, “Miracles Can Happen: Summer’s Good Behavior Generalizes.” This post was about my surprise that Summer started reporting to me for a treat when the big neighbor dog was around, instead of getting herself all fired up running up and … Continue reading

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What is Summer Saying? Observing a Bark

When I filmed Summer barking using the slow motion function of my video camera, I was mostly curious in an analytical sort of way. What could I see when I slowed everything down? I didn’t realize that I would find the … Continue reading

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Miracles Can Happen: Summer’s Good Behavior Generalizes

I have written before about Summer’s tendency to be the “fun police” and aggress when my other two dogs are playing rowdily. I taught her to come to me instead and get reinforced for sitting quietly. This has become a … Continue reading

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Ground Scratching: Why Does My Dog Do It?

Why do some dogs scratch with their paws after they eliminate? I recently read a discussion on Facebook about the meaning of this dog behavior. Some people’s speculations about the reasons for the behavior included: Avoiding something or another behavior (displacement) Expressing … Continue reading

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