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Falsifiability or Falsehood in Dog Training? (Part 1)

  What if we had to know our animal training theory and practice so well that we could easily tell someone what would disprove the hypotheses that inform our methods? That’s what scientists do. If we are going to claim … Continue reading

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Being Open-Minded About Training

Has anyone ever accused you of being “closed-minded” because you base your training on positive reinforcement? It’s pretty common. Some people come right out and say it. Others imply it by going on about their own open-mindedness. Here is a … Continue reading

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Silence is…Scary?

Trigger warning: animal experimentation (mice). This post is not directly about dogs, but it’s about something we see happening in the dog world very frequently. That is the misunderstanding and misapplication of research results. This particular example caught my attention … Continue reading

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6 Myths about Positive Reinforcement-Based Training

Positive reinforcement-based training is subject to a lot of misunderstanding and misrepresentation. Many people genuinely don’t understand how it works, and others seem to deliberately misrepresent it. Some of these misunderstandings and misrepresentations are very “sticky.”  Misunderstandings, straw men, myths–call them … Continue reading

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World Dog Trainers’ Motivation Transparency Challenge

What should a dog trainer be willing and able to tell you about his or her techniques? And how valuable is it to get that information in clear, concrete language? Renowned dog trainer Jean Donaldson has put a lot of thought … Continue reading

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